Booking Agency On-Boarding
On-Boarding fees for musicians, actors and other talents at Morgeez Artists Booking Agency Portal

$50.95 Setup Fee
Musicians Representation Stater Kit
1x Free music consultancy session (Valued at USD175)
Create your online biography in a professional manner (Valued at USD120)
Prepare your online profile at Morgeez Artists Booking Agency Portal (Valued at USD80)
Publish your biography in the Morgeez Magazine
Announce your artist profile across all social media platforms
List your music on Morgeez Radio for promotional streaming
One Special Promotional Podcast - radio interview (Valued at USD250)
Above all engage an artist agent agreement

$20.95 Setup Fee
Talents Representation Starter Kit
One Special Talent Consulting session (Virtual or Face to Face)
Performance Screen Test and Feedback
Introductory show-reel
Models / Talents profile Photoshoot (Casting)
2x Demo Voice-over clips recording (VO Actors)
Online Professional Portfolio created on Morgeez Talent Portal