Jun 24th A brief Summary of the Morgeez Mentoring Program

Special talent mentoring program to help the young talents reach their potential. We believe that passion alone is not enough to push a talent. The best place to harness your talent and train it to become resourcefully marketable is through training. That is why the Morgeez Talent Mentoring programs are here to assist young talents to find ... Read More »

Jun 23rd How to Get Verified as an Artist at Morgeez Music Streaming Service

What is Verification at Morgeez Music? This is the process of recognizing your application to be included into the Morgeez Music Streaming Platform as an artist and not just a user. Once you apply for Verification, which is free of charges, we will then get you Verified. And once you are verified, you will then be granted full artist privelleges ... Read More »

Jun 23rd How to Signup for Music Distribution without Charges at Morgeez Music

The Morgeez Music Streaming platform management has just released a short tutorial clip on how to signup to Morgeez Music for distribution,streaming and music promotiuon  withou charging you, the artist.Unlike many of the others, the Morgeez Music Streaming and Distribution service is busit for the inde artists with aim to provide the much needed ... Read More »

Jun 22nd Find Answers to Your Questions

Manager Desk at Morgeez Media Agency has updated FAQ section with Frequently Asked Questions answered. You can now find answers to common questions. But also keep in mind that you can always submit a support ticket for special answer to your special topic of inquiry.

Jun 14th Introducing the Morgeez Business Hub

Henceforth, the Morgeez Business Hub will be the center for all Morgeez Media Agency and Morgeez Production business transactions. This will include sales of products and ordering of services by clients.
Our sales team and support team will be on deck to attend to all business transactions.